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being a teacher

Skoling Offers you a possibility to:

  • Publish your ads for free (remedial teaching).

  • Boost your career by presenting yourself on the site (your diplomas, your experience ...)

  • Be contacted by students to support them in their preparations.

  • Be contacted by institutions / training centers for job offers.

  • Easily find free classes around you to accommodate your students.

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being an institution / training center

Skoling Offers you a possibility to:

  • Register your institution for free.

  • Present your institution.

  • Present the training courses and sectors of your institution.

  • Publish your institution's events.

  • Get in direct contact with teachers and students and propose to them your offers.

  • Be contacted by students and professors interested in your institution.

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being a student

Skoling Offers you a possibility to:

  • Find free support course teachers.

  • Find establishments (private / public) or training centers.

  • Sell your old manual and book and even your stuff that you no longer use.

  • Find the textbooks for your school year at the cheapest price.

  • Get in direct contact with teachers, establishments and training centers.

  • Give your opinion on teachers, establishments, training centers and consult the opinions of others.

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being a parent

Skoling Offers you a possibility to:

  • Research the highest rated private and public institutions around you.

  • Look for teachers to tutor for your children.

  • Search by: level (from nursery to higher education), city anywhere in Morocco.

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being owner / host

Skoling Offers you a possibility to:

  • Rent your classes to teachers / students

  • Administer / Plan the availability of your classes

  • Accept / decline rental requests.

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